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At Blu Pear Project, we offer a complete range of services to help our customers get the job done right, on time and on budget. Our customer can pick and choose from our complete ranges of services or hire Pearlite to take away most of their headaches by choosing our complete ˇ°turnkeyˇ± solution. These services include:

- Architectural Services
- Project Management and Scheduling
- Material sourcing and Manufacturing
- General Contracting and Site preparation with all Permits and inspections
- Onsite fixture delivery and installation

Design support for Architects, designers and builders
Our talented in-house team of veteran designers, industrial engineers and craftsmen are there to support our customers as they bring their ideas and concepts to reality. Our experts will listen, collaborate and assist you thru the entire process. In many cases, we can design, engineer and manufacture the finished product from your initial concept drawings and sketches.

Product Fabrication Blu Pear Project operates fabrication facilities in Los Angeles and Shanghai/China and Each of these facilities are equipped with full wood working, and metal working capabilities. These facilities provide the unique flexibility and capacity to quickly and cost effectively design and fabricate everything from small production and prototype runs of one unit all the way up to large production runs for 1,000 plus stores.

Materials Sourcing and Procurement
Our knowledge of available materials and manufacturing techniques can be invaluable during the initial design process. Our expertise can help you to exceed your initial design expectations while still maintaining your budget requirements.

Warehousing, Inventory Management, Shipping and Logistics
Our goal is to allow our customers to focus their energies on what they do best, market their brand and grow their business. We offer optional services to effectively manage and execute all the logistics involved in a brand build out. Along with the design and manufacturing of your products, Pearlite can also warehouse, manage and distribute your inventory from any of our warehouses. Our large shipping volumes and negotiated freightrates with FedEx Freight guarantees our customers will get the best truck freight services at the best prices.
Our warehousing services can include receiving your inventory from all your suppliers, storing and managing this inventory, picking individual orders from our shelves, prepping and packaging it up for shipment, and shipping it anywhere in North America. 

Fixture Installation and General Contracting Services
Blu Pear Project can take all the headaches away regarding your fixtures installation by offering our customers a complete ˇ°turnkeyˇ± solution for any new store build out. Give us your proposed dates and deadlines and let us to the rest.