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Shanghai Zunshang Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. We handle self-support trade business or act as an agent for the import and export of commodities and technologies. We engage in processing imported materials based on supplied drawings, samples and foreign-supplied materials, compensation trade, counter trade and transit trade as well. Our main exported self-support products include exhibition fixture & cabinets; saddlery; classical furniture; machinery & tools; lock-sets & hardware and others. Most of our imported products are mechanical and electronic products. Now, besides our stable faithful client sources, there are more and more new customers coming to our company because of our top quality of products and services. As a professional import & export agent, we are experienced and highly-efficient in foreign trade business because we are familiar with all regulations of various countries on import & export. We always have capability to handle our business easily by properly implementing policies of those countries which usually change and seem complicated. On the other hand, we have enough financial strength and strong capability to deal with all kinds of import & export documents, and are able to accept all types of L/C business and other businesses. At the same time, we always try our best to solve various problems in the business operation of our customers. For our import service, we provide shipping arrangement, tax number preparation, import document preparation, B/L exchange, customs clearance, tax audit, payment tax, commodity inspection, import license application, cargo pick-up and delivery to appointed place as well.